In Uncategorized on 07/09/2021 at 15:33

No, I’ve not taken up paleontology; I’ve discovered how to link to the text of certain orders and opinions, since DAWSON obliterated the links I’d carefully embedded in my blogposts over ten (count ’em, ten) years.

However, the process is laborious, and is no substitute for the pre-DAWSON method that was simplicity personified. My colleague Peter Reilly, CPA, once suggested that I might hire some impecunious undergraduate to figure out how to do an Ezekiel on the dry bones of several thousand blogposts thus afflicted, and do it. I replied I had neither money for the purpose, nor the inclination to undo damage not of my making.

I await the fulfillment of the Genius Baristas’ promise to make orders and opinions searchable without the need to memorize names and docket numbers. It can be done.


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