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Earl Derr Biggers, crafter of the now-contemned Charlie Chan detective series of novels and films, thus entitled one of his novels.

And for those of us who marveled at the launch of DAWSON, ostensibly untouched by human hands (so far as we could tell), and, like Minerva, sprung fully-armed from the brain (if that is the correct term) of some unknown Jupiter, we now can look behind that curtain.

The “blessed communion, fellowship divine” that created this abomination, and foisted it on an unsuspecting public that never did it any harm, was revealed last month.

The “onlie begetter” of this schambolic schemozzle is an outfit mysteriously yclept “18F.”

Sounds rather like James Bond’s off-duty hangout. Or maybe a conspiracy theorist’s delight.

Howbeit, the story, or so much of it as “18F” chooses to make public, can be found under the breath-bereaving title “Improving the way the U.S. Tax Court engages with the public,” by Andrew Dunkman, Mark Mayer, Jessica Marine, Mike Marcotte, and Vicki McFadden, under date of June 15, 2021.

Exactly who these Illuminati are, how they insinuated themselves into the cockpit, and what they meant to do before now and mean to do hereafter (if anything), to “improve the way the US Tax Court engages with the public,” is somewhat obscure.

As is what qualifications these Genius Baristas have, and what courtroom experience they may have (other than pleading to the odd traffic ticket).

They sure haven’t made it possible to recover opinions or orders, or to search the Tax Court database by word.

In any case, with “improvements” like these, we don’t need destruction.

I think I may have to seek further illumination from Tax Court my own self.


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