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I am pleased to report that Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) has taken up my plea to identify correctly the non-attorney representative who seeks to execute petitions and appear in Tax Court without first having been admitted to practice, or at least leading at the sixteenth pole in the race to admitted status. The “non-attorney representative” is so designated by a power of attorney (generally Form 2848), which is either a piece of paper or a concatenation of electrons.

See, e.g., David H. Sylvester & Erin Sylvester, Docket No. 9966-21, filed 6/22/21.

But Ch J Mighty Mo persists in demanding “wet-ink” paper petitions and amendments thereto, ignoring Rule 34(a), as amended: “A petition may be filed electronically under the electronic filing procedures established by the Court, or a petition may be filed by properly mailing or hand delivering it to the Court.”

However, I must admit that Ch J Mighty Mo is wiser than I. Aware that whatever electronic filing procedure he may craft, however foolproof and user-friendly, implementation thereof will fall to Genius Baristas who foisted upon us this DAWSON catastrophe.

That thought would scare away the most intrepid blogger, or even the utterly fearless jurist.


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