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Today Judge Buch rolls out the first iteration of the amended Rule 24(c) in Chester E. Lemon & Gigi Lemon, 12437-20, filed 5/25/21. It’s nothing to do with Chet & Gigi; it concerns their trusty ex-attorney, whom I’ll call DAK.

DAK wants out, and Chet & Gigi have another lawyer on deck and ready to go. DAK gets to withdraw, and Judge Buch will spell out the steps.

“Counsel desiring to withdraw as counsel for a party may file a notice of withdrawal as counsel if: (A) more than one counsel entered appearances for that party and at least one counsel will continue to serve as counsel for that party; (B) the notice of withdrawal is filed no later than 30 days before the first day of the Court’s session at which the case is calendared for trial; and (C) there is no objection to the withdrawal.” Order, at p.1.

Everyone agrees to let DAK out.

Trial is set for October. Note that the notice of withdrawal has to be filed 30 days before the first day of the session whereat trial will take place, even if trial is noticed for a date certain later than the first date of the session, and no one shows for calendar call.

Now maybe we can work on a notice of appearance for law firms, and leave separate checks for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, see my next following blogpost.


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