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I was wrong back on January 10 a year ago, when I predicted that Giorgio P. Martinelli, Docket No. 4122-18, would vanish without the human-interest story I wanted to bring y’all. See my blogpost “Copy,” 1/10/20.

Well, right now, in the Honolulu Zoomie courtroom, Giorgio is on the stand testifying to his brother’s poor health and how the offshore account really belongs to his brother. IRS’ counsel is putting up a good show, and FRE 803(4) just slowed down The Great Chieftain of the Jersey Boys, but Giorgio is a good witness.

I wish Frantic Frankie had tipped me off, but I guess he had other things on his mind.

Anyway, having to dig for copy keeps the blogger on his toes.

  1. You are always welcome to visit a Jersey Boy trial!


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