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All y’all will doubtless have seen Judge Mark V Holmes’ 271-page extravaganza Estate of Michael J Jackson, Deceased, John G. Branca, Co-Executor and John McClain, Co-Executor, 2021 T. C. Memo. 48, filed 5/3/21, which I blogged yesterday. 

That is to say, I’m sure you saw the opinion if you were on DAWSON yesterday, because it’s gone today. My colleague, Peter Reilly, CPA, the Forbes flash, tipped me off by dawn’s early light that the entire case is sealed on the new, improved (give me a break!), jim-handy DAWSON website.

Of course, the opinion is all over the internet. Except on DAWSON. 

Of course, I’ve blogged orders in that case for the last eight (count ’em, eight) years. With links yet, when the old Tax Court website (nameless but useful) permitted same. No seals, no protective orders. But now all of it is a secret.

I’ve just about had it with this clownish schemozzle.

I most respectfully submit that the public needs better access to US Tax Court orders, opinions, and decisions than what I, a “general practitioner of limited experience and mediocre qualifications,” can provide. The public deserves more than “If Taishoff doesn’t blog it, then forget about it.” 

  1. […] Lew Taishoff had a follow-up this morning called Welcome To Dawson. […]


  2. […] Lew Taishoff had a follow-up this morning called Welcome To Dawson. […]


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