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Combing through the Tax Court orders for blogfodder today, with nary an opinion or press release in sight, I came upon a motion and a name that brought back memories.

Ryszard Sala, Docket No. 3423-21, filed 4/8/21, has an attorney. We all know that attorneys must e-file in Tax Court.


Old Bill Wise is still in there pitching. Having once again moved for such relief, Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley graciously allows that “William J. Wise is exempted from efiling requirements for purposes of this proceeding.” Order, at p. 1.

All y’all must surely remember Old Bill, eh what? No? Old Bill has been around practicing law in Tax Court for sixty-two (count ’em, sixty-two) years. See my blogpost “(Old) Technophobes, Rejoice!” 12/18/13.

On a day when my internet crashed and I shot three hours trying to get minimal service restored, I needed something to make me feel so young. Old Bill, thanks. Joe Myrow and Mack Gordon got it right.


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