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Seems like ex-Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel is revisiting US Tax Court’s worldwide reach today in Denny Chan, et al. Docket 2435-17, filed 3/30/21. It seems Denny’s ex, Tramy Van, has flown the cliché and returned to her native land.

So we have a video replay of Jon and Esther Zuhovitsky. You remember Jon and Esther? No? Then see my blogpost “Come From Away – Part Deux,” 11/17/17.

Y’all will surely remember Tramy. What, no? Then see my blogpost A Snapshot in Time,” 10/1/19.

The question, which Jon and Esther ducked by coming to our Minor Outlying Island off the Coast of North America for trial, was Tax Court’s aforesaid reach.

Ex-Ch J Iron Fist gives IRS more time to grapple with the question.

“…respondent is given additional time until April 30, 2021, to file a status report that states his position as to whether the Court is authorized under applicable domestic law or treaty to hold a remote Zoom trial in which a party residing in Vietnam participates and to administer an oath to a party residing in Vietnam.” Order, at p. 1.

I don’t know about the Court’s power to Zoom or administer oaths in Vietnam, but I can reassure the Court and the parties, and my readers.

No worries. I hereby solemnly affirm that I myself did administer any number of oaths in Vietnam, to say nothing of colorful metaphors, undeleted expletives, objurgations and maledictions. And some half-a-million of my then-colleagues, temporarily resident therein, did likewise.


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