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A year ago I congratulated Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley for abolishing the quick kick toss for petitioners who were slow with the sixty Georges ante. See my blogpost “Reformed?” 2/4/20.

Well, I don’t know the backstory for Damita Collette Johnson El Bey, Docket No. 547-21, filed 2/16/21, except Ch J. Mighty Mo says she filed her petition 2/8/21.

Still, he tosses her petition for nonpayment today, barely a week later (with a Federal holiday thrown in). No mention in this order that Damita might be playing games or otherwise frivoling. And a quick docket search shows Damita asked for trial in Detroit, MI, snowbelt country. Might be a trifle difficult to get the check to The Glasshouse on Potomac’s Shores.

So tossing Damita seems a wee bit harsh, ya think? Especially when others are getting a year. See Marsha-Tsar Alvarado, Docket No. 3757-20, filed 2/16/21. Tsar Marsha was ordered to pony up 4/20/20 (yes, 11 months ago), and only gets tossed today.




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