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Despite the broad discretion accorded to Judge Morrison by FRE 706, and the eloquence of Wm. Sharp, Esq., partner in a well-known and highly-regarded tax specialist shop, Judge Morrison declined to appoint an independent court expert to sew up the raveled sleeve of care and provide the balm of hurt minds to the vexed valuation issue in Neil L. Whitesell & Tracey L. Whitesell, Docket No. 26230-15.

Note there is no written order here. Thanks to one of the very few good things to come out of COVID-19, the teletubby hearing from stronds afar remote, your reporter was on the scene throughout.

Judge Morrison did some very genteel head-banging, but the parties seem far apart, and I don’t see settlement any time soon. Judge Morrison seemed inclined to do an off-the-bencher, but if the numbers are what I was hearing this morning, I doubt that will happen.

This is the Whitesell’s fourth appearance on this my blog. For the backstory, see my blogpost “The Sum of its Parts – Part Deux,” 11/6/20.

Plenty of blogfodder yet to come, I’m thinking.


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