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I entitle some new information as to the now-much-discussed launch of DAWSON, with the 1942 Cagney Brothers’ Canadian epic.

The aim of DAWSON was to migrate the United States Tax Court’s online operations from Tax Court’s own servers to The Cloud. But in trying to “slip the surly bonds of earth and join the tumbling mirth” of Cloud, DAWSON has, as has been noted by commentators other than me, resulted in a penguin march.

My sources inform me that the end-of-month revisions will unseal the case noted by Mr. Weston in his comment to my blogpost “Yes, We Have No Opinions,” 1/4/21. The Genius Baristas, with zeal for secrecy unmatched in The City Under Siege since the days of Deep Throat, decided that if any document in a case was sealed, the entire case file should be sealed, including without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, orders, opinions and decisions. Apparently, they never asked anybody about this brainstorm.

Orders and opinions will be unleashed at month’s end. What sort of judicial tsunami this will create is unknown. Remember that in pre-DAWSON days, the average daily release of orders amounted to some 150 to 200. A two-month backlog should result in some 6000 orders being released, whether in one gigantic deluge or over a few days. How anyone is supposed to scan and decide which of these is worthy of note is nowhere explained, as my sources confirm that the day of the designated hitter is gone forever.

My sources also tell me that orders will no longer be text-searchable. However, the Genius Baristas have devised a method whereby the inquirer can find out how many pages (or perhaps kilobytes) each order contains, from which one is expected to discern the importance of each.

It did not occur to these monuments of unageing intellect that, by this criterion, any of the novels of Edward Bulwer-Lytton (inspiration for the contest to write the worst opening sentence of a bad novel) would surpass The Sermon on the Mount, Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Gettysburg Address. Put together.

The concocters of this present (sorry, I am at a loss for a descriptor fit for family reading) are apparently a fresh set of Genius Baristas, successors to the crew which gave to a public, that never did them any harm but who paid for that (see previous parenthetical) with their taxes, the July debut of the new, improved, jazzy website. See my blogpost “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It,” 7/20/20.

I cannot ascertain how the Chosen Few, who it is said commented on the design and implementation of DAWSON, were selected.

The public deserves to know, in reasonable detail, how the project was conceived, designed, and implemented. And what did this cost the American taxpayer and the Tax Court litigants so far?

Most importantly, we need a system that is transparent, user-friendly, and accessible even by the technophobic Luddite.

Having requested comments from Public Affairs, I have received none at time of publication.

I welcome comments and corrections.

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