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I waited to make certain, but sure enough, the old United States Tax Court website,, has vanished from sight. As a much finer writer than I put it, “The rest is silence. Now cracks a noble heart.”

Still, let us raise a glass to the old hangout. And repeat the words of Scotland’s Greatest:

“And there’s a hand,
my trusty fiere!
and gie’s a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught,
for auld lang syne.”

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your glasses! Here’s to the old website!

  1. Here’s the text of what I just sent to the dawson support email address in response to the “upgraded” tax court website:

    *Dear website designers*

    *As a real property appraiser, I rely on the tax court site to keep current with matters related to my practice and my teaching. What has happened to it?!*

    *Specifically:* *- where does one find daily announcements of orders without having a case no or petitioner’s name?* *- the “case search” function is limited to docket no & petitioner name. Why?* *- the “petitioner name” search function appears to be broken. For example, searching for “Hewitt” in “Alabama” produces no hits. Obviously, this is incorrect.* *- Since, thanks to the prior website, I know the docket no and already have a copy of T.C. Memo 2020-89, I searched for “23809-17.” The result is a message that the case is sealed. I doubt this is true.*

    *The prior site may have been imperfect and perhaps it had backroom processing issues not visible to the public, but the new site is not an improvement.*

    *Please timely restore its functionality.*

    *Mark Weston* *303-898-0244*

    I don’t expect a response from Madame or Mssr. Dawson or their git. Lousy New Year’s gift to the public.



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