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Those of us whose loyalties to sports teams approach religious fervor are well-acquainted, it may be too well-acquainted, with the words that appear at the head hereof.

The new, improved (????)(yeah, roger that), jim-dandy Tax Court website rolled out today. I eagerly logged in (after a couple tries; hi, Judge Holmes) to see what the Genius Baristas had wrought.

The Opinions link told me there would be no opinions today. I was surprised.

But that was nothing to my astonishment that the dropdown for Opinions & Orders had no link to Orders. Apparently the new, improved (ya gotta be kidding), jim-dandy Tax Court website makes no provision for listing each day’s orders and providing the texts thereof. It seems the only way one can find out if any order has issued is to search by name of petitioner.

How one is to know if there is a new petitioner is nowhere stated.

I inquired of Public Affairs, who did timely return my phonecall, if the old system of posting each day’s orders would return. I was told possibly early in 2021. There were additions and improvements under consideration.

I asked if the public generally had been asked before the present system (giving it the benefit of the doubt) was inaugurated. I was told that selected pro ses, certain Chosen Few practitioners, and the American Bar Association were consulted. No journalists.

I somewhat forcefully suggested that the next time Tax Court elects to fix what isn’t broken they might ask those of us who cover the Court, or whose practice depends upon being up-to-date whether or not they practice in the Court, whose shoes may not be as white as those of the Chosen Few, but who are in the trenches every day.

In the meantime, I am out of business. I’ll be back. Maybe next year.


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