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The floodgates open December 28, 2020. We are no longer up Dawson’s Creek (with or without paddles). DAWSON goes online. As an authority even more exalted than Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley put it, “all flesh shall see it together.”

The old system shall pass away at 1700 Eastern on December 30. I invite my readers, few in number but loud in voice, to join me in a chorus of “Auld Lang Syne.” Bring your own whiskey.

I have confirmed with the Office of Public Affairs at the locked-down Glasshouse that opinions and orders will be public knowledge on the new, improved, jim-dandy system.

For those who crave official confirmation, here it is.

  1. Good Morning Lew,

    What happens to the eAccess documents? Will they need to be FOIA Letter requested for personal knowledge management systems? I would like to put them in the iManage Records Manager. I’m designing an API and Algorithm for a specific search pattern based upon the logic and workflow I have extrapolated from your prior posts.

    The former eAccess system will remain available as read-only through 5:00 PM Eastern Time on December 30, 2020. After that time, no further access— read-only or otherwise—will be available


  2. Mr Gifford, I was told by the PAO that opinions and orders will be publicly available after DAWSON rolls out. If you have technical questions, contact Public Affairs.


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