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I’m revealing no tricks of the journo trade with that headline. Every journo with no ideas and a future deadline can fall back on that oldie-but-goodie. And there are enough old-timers and once-upon-a-timers to fill the odd column; and enough readers who remember them, or who wish they’d been around way back when.

I haven’t sunk to that depth yet. But the Dawson’s Creek floodwaters have reached oppressive levels. I leave to the trade press and blogosphere the task of covering the Big Courts, those who shelter beneath the wings of Article III. They also do the 1111 Constitution Ave, NW, scene, with sources and resources accumulated years before I showed up. They have moats I won’t try to cross.

So where are they now, the humble Small Courtiers that provide the fodder on which feeds this my blog?

I suppose the judges are writing the orders and opinions that will arise when Dawson’s Creek subsides, poking out like cars from a flooded underpass, supposedly before New Year’s Eve.

The hardlaboring intake clerks and flailing datestampers, hitherto driven by electronic filing to endangered-species status but back in action for the present, went back a couple weeks ago (hi, Judge Holmes) to The Glasshouse that Vic Built. I imagine they are again reading the mail, stamping and filing.

Come to think of it, maybe Tax Court’s love of wet-ink petitions and amendments thereto is motivated by a desire to keep the intakers taking and the flailing datestampers flailing away, rather than standing in the unemployment line. I refuse self-checkout lines at the grocers’ for the same reason. But that’s another story.

Meantime, I’ll keep writing this blog.


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