In Uncategorized on 11/23/2020 at 10:21

The Tax Court website’s “Today’s Opinions” link still displays the usual legend: “Opinions, if any, are posted Monday through Friday after 3:30 PM Eastern time.”

The operative phrase, of course, is “if any.” And we all know there won’t be any opinions until the veil lifts on 12/28/20, and Dawson’s Creek goes unvexed to the sea, or wherever.

The “Today’s Orders” link opens with the same legend for designated hitters, and “if any” rules there as well. “Orders Search” for today’s date yields the melancholy “No orders found”; Poe’s Raven was more cheerful.

Nevertheless, this blog will continue, with what fodder I can grub out, in the absence of the rich fare formerly served up at The Glasshouse in the Wannabe City-State.


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