In Uncategorized on 11/20/2020 at 15:18

I know none of my readers, those few, those mighty few, that band of whatever is appropriately denominated in these syntactically inclusive days, wishes me to retire from the blogfront.

Happily, Lord willing and Dawson’s Creek don’t rise, I need not. I find comfort in the press release dated 10/7/20. The historical Tax Court shall remain, towering o’er the wreck of Time, as the Genius Barristas fuss with electronic filing.

Wherefore, and in consequence thereof, “consistent with current practices, cases will remain electronically viewable.”

There were over one thousand (count ’em, one thousand) orders issued in the last two days. If, among those, some suggestions for improvement of Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure, and some miscellaneous quips and quiddities, I cannot find sufficient blogfodder to float over the floodwaters of Dawson’s Creek and the inevitable drying-out thereafter, you really should get rid of me.

But remember, guys. Get those e-filings done before 5:00 ET.


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