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My professional career has been a search for enlightenment. In my first five minutes on The Hill Far Above, I learned that answering a hypothetical with “Plaintiff wins” earns a failing grade. The right answer is why plaintiff wins. Now, fifty-seven (count ’em, fifty-seven) years after that memorable occasion, the search (and the adventure) continues.

Just last week I asked what purpose Form 6 served. See my blogpost “A Bad Day for Lawyers – Part Deux,” 10/30/20. For those new to the game, Form 6 is the Ownership Disclosure Form for nongovernmental corporations, large partnerships or large LLCs, wherein the entity must state that it is parentless or parented, and whether or not fewer than 10 percent of its shares are held by a publicly-held. For a large partnership or large LLC, any publicly-held ownership must be disclosed. A PDF online fillable version of the form is available on the Tax Court website.

Today Arkanada Corporation, Docket No. 19153-19, filed 11/3/20, is on the verge of an eve-of-trial stipulated decision. Trial was set for 11/9/20 when two weeks ago IRS reported the settlement.

Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley orders either a stiped decision or a status report by 1/19/20, a special date in our family.

But Arkanada still hasn’t filed Form 6, although Ch J Mighty Mo twice told Arkanada to file before now. And even gave them a form to fill out. So now let them do it.

Arkanada is pro se, of course. And even if they had an attorney, the odds on Arkanada getting the form right, or even filing it at all, are by no means a laydown. And even if Arkanada files and gets it right, who is enlightened thereby?

BTW, a quick-peek Google search shows Arkanada dissolved in 2018 because of some default in franchise tax. An equally quick-peek docket search shows petition filed 10/24/19. Wouldn’t the Internet solve the problem without the form?


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