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And What They Get You

Judge Elizabeth A. (“Tex”) Copeland has a c.v. that would impress any senior managing partner. Her shoes would ace the Mark 9:3 color test. Truly, she would be a shoo-in for the Isaiah 53:12, clauses 1 and 2, stakes at any bloodbath (oops, I mean partners’ compensation meeting).

But look at what she gets for a designated hitter today.

Jaideep S. Chawla, Docket No. 2322-19, filed 10/2720*, a/k/a John Adams is up for around $27K in deficiencies, plus the odd chop. IRS moves to toss for want of prosecution, and Judge Tex Copeland gives Jaideep a/k/a John an order to show cause why not.

But Jaideep a/k/a John is willing to go all-in. Unhappily, he has a singularly poor hand, and none of flop, turn, or river will save him.

IRS sends in a status report, to which is attached “… a letter sent by petitioner…. Petitioner’s letter indicates that: petitioner’s name is now John Adams; multiple lawsuits have been filed by petitioner against the Internal Revenue Service related to the alleged tax bill; and that petitioner will not pay any debt until the Internal Revenue Service releases all federal tax filings of President Barack Obama to petitioner.” Order, at p. 1.

Judge Tex Copeland ordered Jaideep a/k/a John to respond electronically why he shouldn’t be tossed, whatever his name is. He doesn’t. He is.

Why the recipient of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation’s Janet Spragens Pro Bono Award (2009); Tax Person of the Year by Tax Analysts (2012); San Antonio Tax Lawyer of the Year (2011, 2017, 2018). Chair, State Bar of Texas Tax Section for the 2013-14 term, among other things, should have to deal with so unoriginal a wiseacre as Jaideep a/k/a John is beyond my comprehension.

See what credentials get you.

*Jaideep S Chawla 2322-19 10 27 20


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