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No, I’m not paraphrasing Wm. Styron’s 1960 morality play. This is Judge Albert G (“Scholar Al”) Lauber’s recitation of the endless stalling of Bryan M. Griggs.

Today’s designated hitter is Bryan M. Griggs and Valerie D. Griggs, Docket No. 18035-16, filed 10/15/20, but Valerie D. showed up at trial, unlike Bryan M. And Valerie D., in the process of shedding Bryan M., gets uncontested innocent spousery.

All y’all will recall my blogpost “The Fire This Time – Part Deux,” 10/9/20, wherein Bryan M. claimed he couldn’t get to a law library because OR forest fires. But his case is pure Section 274 substantiation, and IRS and Valerie showed for trial.

At long last, Judge Scholar Al has had enough. Read the chronology. Then see if you agree with Judge Scholar Al: ” The record makes clear that Mr. Griggs had no intention of trying this case but merely hoped to defer its resolution indefinitely. Dismissal is warranted under these circumstances.” Order, at p. 5. (Citations omitted).

Edited to add, 9/12/21: But Bryan wasn’t through.


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