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Seems a lot of scarce Tax Court judicial resources are being expended on getting anonymous blowers to redact their documents properly. STJ Diana J (“Sidealks of New York”) Leyden is getting a bunch lately.

Here’s Whistleblower 17543-19W, filed 9/21/20 (hereinafter “Three One Niner Whiskey”). Like his/her comrade Four Twenty (see my blogpost “An Unveiling,” 9/18/20), Three One Niner Whiskey got the OK to go anonymous, but never bothered redacting his/her documents to delete personally identifiable information, despite the usual two-step instruction order, and a couple IRS filings (hi, Judge Holmes) to try to remedy Three One Niner Whiskey’s miscues. Three One Niner Whiskey objects that IRS didn’t do a proper job, but some filings from Three One Niner Whiskey aren’t good either, so STJ Di seals those.

STJ Di sets up the obligatory phoneathon, wherein she admonishes Three One Niner Whiskey to do the right thing.

Today, she threatens unveiling if Three One Niner Whiskey doesn’t do his/her homework.

There follows two decretal pages of recharacterizations and “thou shalt”s, as STJ Di tries to recharacterize, redirect, and reconstruct this stuff into something that looks like it might go in the public file.

Should anyone with the qualifications of STJ Di really be spending her time on grade-school busywork?

What about taxpayers with meritorious claims? What about IRS’ counsel’s time? What about the rights of taxpayers who just want the system to work?

Taishoff says end the redaction distraction. Get it right the first time, blower.

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