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We’ve noted the Thanksgiving to Christmas electronic lockdown of the Glasshouse while the new whizbang or whatever it is gets rolled out, ramped up, energized, and dropped before the American taxpayer who never did Tax Court any harm. Judges are issuing orders changing deadlines to avoid the holiday void.

Until I spoke with a colleague based in The City by the Bay this afternoon, I was unaware that the new-improved-jazzy case management system that will accompany turkey-and-Santa may omit designated hitters.

Splendid. Top-hole, A-number-one, top of the heap. Perhaps you hear my teeth grinding.

This would make my job materially and substantially harder, and exactly what it would do to help Tax Court operations is nowhere apparent. IRS gets all orders automatically and routes them to the appropriate persons; big law firms and accounting conglomerates can well afford to have an impecunious first-year read 150 to 200 orders and whatever opinions may be every day, digest same and inform the High Command.

I don’t. I can’t. There’s just one of me, and as Sergeant Longry used to say when inappropriately addressed by mere cannonfodder, “I ain’t no sir, I work for a living.” A designated hitter often knocks an hour off my workload. And I’m on deadline.

Of course, there was no beta of this brilliant eruption, as there was none for the new, only-slightly-improved, jazzy website. None of the Glasshouse elite bothered to ask for comment, or inquire of us practitioners and journalists, apparently the meanest of serfs, what we might like to see. The genius barflies, whose sole experience with tax is probably a walk-in and shoebox drop-off at an H&R Block franchise, have decided this on their own.

This impending fiasco brings back a recollection from forty years ago. I can hear a favorite phrase of my late law partner Sid (may he rest in peace), in his cigar-throat rasp redolent of the Lower East Side where he grew up, “Whaddit they do, have a conference wit’ demselves in duh mens’ room?”

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