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This is the first example I’ve seen of this dirty trick. I don’t want it to gain any traction. Here’s Tony Patrinicola & Barbara Patrinicola, Docket No. 498-19, filed 8/14/20. Note I’m not alleging or claiming that Tony or Barbara was in any way involved in this.

You’ll recall Judge David Gustafson was on this case, as recently as Monday. See my blogpost “Office For The Self-Represented?” 8/10/20.

Now Judge Gustafson isn’t.

“By our order of August 10, 2020, we directed the parties to make certain filings in this case. Later that day the undersigned judge received, from an individual not connected to this case, an unsolicited email discussing this case.” Order, at p. 1.

So Judge Gustafson recuses himself.

I am not second-guessing whether Judge Gustafson should or should not have done so. Not having seen the e-mail, I cannot tell.

But this e-mail maneuver is despicable. This unconnected person is trying to influence a judge.  The Federal Protective Service might wish to contact the unconnected individual and suggest (or perhaps more than suggest) that tampering with Federal judges is a very bad idea.

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