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I can hear in my mind’s ear the gravelly rasp of Conrad Veidt as I read AG Processing, Inc. A Cooperative and Subsidiaries, Docket No. 23479-14, filed 7/31/20. Somebody wants to see a bunch of documents from the trial and post-trial; see my blogpost “A Hill of Beans,” 10/16/19, for the backstory.

You’ll surely recollect that Tax Court threw open the Copywork Office at the end of May. No? Then see my blogpost “On the Record,” 6/1/20.

Well, today Judge Elizabeth Crewson Paris has a bunch of unnamed nonparties who want copies of “…docket entries 32 (respondent’s Pretrial Memorandum), 37 (First Stipulation of Facts with attached exhibits), 47 (parties’ Joint Status Report), and 49 (parties’ Joint Status Report).” Order, at p. 1.

The docket search says this is an order for a status report, except it’s really more than that. Apparently, the Rule 155 beancount has been on hold since January, so maybe settlement is in the wind. In any case, decision has not yet been entered.

Howbeit, before Judge Paris is willing to let the anonymous paper-chasers get paw on paper, let IRS and the AGs “inform the Court whether the above-referenced documents have been properly redacted in compliance with Tax Court Rule 27 or are otherwise subject to claims of confidentiality or nonrelease.” Order, at p. 1.

Paper-chasers, take note. What you get may be a lot less than you asked for.




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