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Yes, I know that every, or almost every, sentient being in the visible Universe is on Facebook. I am aware its devotees claim even the most exalted personages are members: “No longer do I call you servants, because a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends.”

Judge Pugh, having to deal with a bunch motions in limine (hi, Judge Holmes) left over from the partial trial two years ago, decides to get the parties on a Special Session the end of next month.

And she’s doing it remotely. I’m sure that the Facebook team have no problem with that.

The order is Facebook, Inc. & Subsidiaries, Docket No. 21959-16, filed 7/23/20.

Yet again I question why these remote hearings and trials are invisible. If confidential matters are to be discussed, of course bar the public. There’s been a thirteen (count ’em, thirteen) page confidentiality order in this case since January; see my blogpost “Facebook Confidential,” 1/31/20. But if these motions in limine don’t seek to bar or expose protected matters, why in the name of Section 7458 can’t the public view the online hearing? If Facebook can host billions of viewers simultaneously, surely the technology is not beyond the reach of The Glasshouse.



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