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Has anybody encountered the new, unimproved, jazzy United States Tax Court website? Note that most, if not all, of today’s online orders have no links. This requires a separate docket search for each of the unlinked, from which webpage one is shortly and summarily evicted. And the monuments of unageing intellect who devised the new, unimproved, jazzy website moved the docket search feature from the old easy-access link on the orders search page to the e-filing section, necessitating opening a new window.

See my blogpost “Updating Mark Twain,” 11/12/19. The famous “contractors,” whoever they may be, clearly have not heeded the time-tested admonition hereinabove set forth at the head hereof, as my high-priced colleagues would say. The last time they fussed (I wanted to use another word, but this is a blog for family reading) with the site, they took out all the links.

As for improving the “search” function, as was alleged back last November, there is no link for “search” on the website.

Why was no beta version released for public comment? Those of us who actually use the website every working day might have had a seasonable word or two, from which even the genius barflies who produced this might have profited.

Perhaps some person from the Public Affairs office (an outfit which dare not speak its name, as it is nowhere listed anywhere on the website) might deign to explain why this mother of abominations was foisted on a public that never did them any harm, and at taxpayers’ expense, to boot.


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