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Or Your Favorite PDS

Today US Tax Court fires the starting gun in The Great Paper Chase. As you’ll recall from my blogpost “Hey, Herodotus,” 6/23/20, today the Glasshouse doors swing wide to the avalanche of sequestered snail-mail and Blessed Communion PDS packages.

So get your bounced-back papers (with the envelope showing timely postmark, or PDS printout showing ditto) to the USPS or PDS now.

And, while you’re getting that done, remember the Notice 2020-23 timeout ends Wednesday, July 15. So get all those petitions, amendments, billets doux, et hoc genus omne down to USPS or your favorite (but make sure it’s one of the Blessed Communion) PDS.

And tell ’em Lew sent you.

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