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No, I don’t keep a physical notebook any more in this electronic age. As a blogger (successor to the newspaper reporter or columnist), I keep my notes on a computer.

One note I made the other day was the number of Tax Court cases transferred from Judge Ruwe to Judge Greaves. There were a few, which now have grown into a noticeable number. I haven’t kept count, but the number was increasing this morning.

I called Ch J Foley’s chambers yesterday and left a message. I identified myself as an attorney and a blogger, stated the purpose of my call, and asked for a callback. I haven’t gotten one. I suppose there’s more pressing business than responding to bloggers, and greater budgetary needs than engaging a press officer; although the latter would be great to have.

Ordinarily, shifts like this happen, but rarely on so large a scale. I remember commenting on cases going from Judge Gustafson to the late Judge Laro. I was concerned that there might have been a health issue; see my blogpost “Tax Court Admission Exam,” 9/6/13. Happily, that was not the case. Generally, I don’t comment on internal Tax Court administrative details that have no effect on the practitioner; even if I knew about such matters, they would hardly interest my readers.

But in this extraordinary time, unparalleled in my seventy-eight (count ’em, seventy-eight) years, I’ll take a few words from my notebook and put them here.

I hope all is well with Judge Ruwe and the Tax Court Bench.

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