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COVID-19 has made my idle hands idler than ever. In consequence whereof, I am starting an occasional feature on this my blog, which may or may not become a recurring one. We’ll see.

It will feature bits and pieces, none worth a whole blogpost itself.

Here are a couple random items (hi, Judge Holmes) from today’s budget of orders from The Glasshouse in Exile.

First,Champions Retreat Golf Founders, LLC., Riverwood Land, LLC., Tax Matters Partner, Docket No. 4868-15, filed 6/17/20. The Champions, hot off their recent 11 Cir win (see my blogpost “A Great Golf Fixed,” 5/15/20 for the scoop), want to get rolling with the trial, so they try a First Request for Admissions. SOP in an ordinary litigation, but Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley is a stalwart defender of “the small court.” There are no ordinary litigations there; and nothing happens until the formal remand from the Elevenses is borne into the loading dock at 400 Second Street, NW. So the First Request gets bounced. Stay on side, chaps.

Next, Karen A. Baumwoll, Docket No. 5142-19, filed 6/15/20. I would think this sort of thing happens more often, given the number of Form 6 Ownership Disclosure Statements that get filed, but this is the first Form 10 I’ve seen of that type. I’ll let Ch J Mighty Mo tell the story. “On June 17, 2020, petitioner filed a Notice of Change of Address, which is blank.” Order, at p. 1.



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