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Judge Morrison has a redacted order and decision (hereinafter “order”) in Whistleblower 8001-14W, filed 5/19/20, that brings back the mellifluous sound of the late great Harry Belafonte, singing the song he and Jack Rollins wrote back in 1954.

It seems 8001-14W claimed the entire [blacked-out] was included in the claim. 2600 of whatever they were.

“…a Senior Tax Analyst with the Whistleblower Office, referred petitioner’s whistleblower claim to the IRS [blacked-out] Division. The referral letter enclosed the documents that had been given by petitioner to the Whistleblower Office to that date. In the referral letter C stated: the Whistleblower Office had determined that petitioner’s claim met the procedural requirements for submitting a claim, the determination did not mean that an administrative or judicial action must be taken to address the tax noncompliance alleged by petitioner, and ‘[t]he decision to proceed with an examination or investigation is solely under the jurisdiction of the Compliance functions.’” Order, at pp. 2-3. (Name omitted).

A sample taxpayer was selected, and someone sent an audit letter with an IDR. Whoever got whatever, and something happened.

“In [blacked-out], Revenue Agent [blacked-out] met with (1) [blacked-out] and (2) [blacked-out] in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. The conferees concluded that due to legal issues, evidentiary problems, and agency resources, it would be futile to pursue the issues that petitioner had raised about the sample taxpayer.

“On [blacked-out] Revenue Agent [blacked-out] met with his manager, [blacked-out], agreed that the examination of the sample taxpayer should be closed without changes.

“In [blacked-out] made the following statement at [blacked-out].” Order, at p. 5.

And I think we can stop here, with Harry singing. “And the confusion made the brain go ’round.”





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