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This May Day is not the first day I have asked the above-entitled question. Often, it seems almost no one does, when, in exchange for a carefully-wrought post, I get a couple dozen views (hi, Judge Holmes) from fewer than two-handsful of viewers. Then at rare whiles I post nothing and the floodgates open. But “likes”? I average one “like” for seventy-five posts.

A blogger’s lot is not a happy one. Generally.


Yesterday I animadverted to Judge Gale’s decree that all the world, being taxed and petitioning same, should be run by electricity. See my blogpost “The Whole Country Had Ought to Be Run by Electricity,” 4/30/20.

Now in that blogpost aforementioned and above-cited (as my high-priced and highly-sheltered-in-place colleagues would say), I noted Judge Gale, like a much more exalted personage, was breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the noncompliant. He would toss their petitions for want of prosecution, as Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley would toss those who didn’t ante the sixty George big blind on the spot.

But today, the breathings against the Omaha technophobes and internetedly-unconnected have abated.

Here, solely by way of illustration of the foregoing (as the aforesaid colleagues would say), are Calvin David Goding and Susan Lee Goding, Docket No. 19480-19S, filed 5/1/20.

Note that, at page 2 of said order, yesterday’s breathing is omitted today. “The failure of a petitioner (or intervenor) to comply with this Order may result in the Court dismissing this case for lack of prosecution and entering a decision in favor of respondent,” has vanished.

See supra at the head hereof.


  1. FYI–I am a loyal reader and enjoy your blog very much.


  2. This blog may be the very best legal blog anywhere on the internet. Clearly, it is wrought word by word, most words a masterpiece of placement and flow. Lew thank you for your remarkable work.


  3. I tend to binge it irregularly, along with Peter O’Reilly’s stuff.


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