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My breakfast this morning consists of a large helping of crow.

I apologize to Judge David Gustafson. I cited the wrong statute yesterday in my blogpost “A Different Kind of Blower,” 4/14/20.

I read Section 62(a)(21) instead of 62(a)(20). I looked at the caption of the latter enactment, not the statute itself. The caption ”Costs involving discrimination suits, etc.,” should have warned me. “Et cetera” is a warning to look closely.

Congress, like another ruler long ago, has dealt cunningly. Tucked away in the middle of the enactment is this gem. “Any deduction allowable under this chapter for attorney fees and court costs paid by, or on behalf of, the taxpayer in connection with any action involving a claim of… a violation of subchapter III of Chapter 37 of title 31, United States Code….”.

I should have to write 500 times “Read the Whole Statute.” The “F” is for emphasis.

Haste makes waste. Deadlines are no excuse for sloppiness. Sorry, Judge.

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