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No opinions, no designated hitters, The Glasshouse on lockdown, and 209 orders, the greatest number of which announce cancellations of trial sessions in San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Syracuse, Shreveport, and New Orleans (did I miss any?).

Needless to say, views on this my blog have plummeted.



  1. We need you more than ever in this turbulent time! Do not give up

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  2. Madam or Sir, Thank you for your kind words. I am not “giving up.” As long as there is something to report from The Glasshouse on Second Street, I will report it. But if the Glasshouse shuts down, I will not stray from my post.


  3. Seeing as you only started blogging in December 2010, there are years of untapped material for this your blog. Perhaps it is time to reach back into the archives? According to, there are 713 TC Opinions from 09/25/95 (the date of first online publication) through 11/30/2010. Perhaps start there and work forward until this drought ends?


  4. Hi, First, stay safe! Second, Mr Reilly of Forbes made the same suggestion, but there still are orders coming out of Tax Court. I have one in mind just now. And, as I told Mr Reilly when he suggested I go back to the old opinions, “They’ve been done. The trade press and professional blogosphere have resources with which a solo like me cannot compete.”


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