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Here’s a leftover from last hectic week.

Judge Elizabeth A. (“Tex”) Copeland seems to have acquired the potters’ field at USTC. The potters are the people who supply herbal medicaments in States where the same is legal for use in medicinal or recreational contexts, or both.

Judge Tex designates Jo Ann Sharp & Randall W. Sharp, Docket No. 7196-19, filed 3/11/20, as another in the Constitutional challenges to Section 280E’s traffic shutdown. Jo Ann & Randall must be on the same page as Ryan Foster, who made an appearance on this my blog yesterday in similar circumstances. See my blogpost “Let It All Hang Out – Once More,” 3/10/20.

Same story today. Jo Ann & Randall are connected with High Mountain Medz LLC, but fail to describe the activities thereof sufficiently to enable Judge Tex to decide what HMM does.

Summary J denied, without prejudice.

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