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Only today it’s a filing that cannot be made electronically. I mean the Limited Entry of Appearance, as more particularly bounded and described in Administrative Order 2019-1, May 10, 2019.

Judge Gale gives us a designated hitter to man’splain the process to counsel for Betty A. Jenkins & Lincoln C. Jenkins, III, Docket No. 722-19L, filed 3/6/20.

Counsel, whom I’ll hereinafter designate as M, wants to enter a limited appearance so as to move to dismiss this petition from a CDP.

But M cannot file a Limited Entry of Appearance electronically or sooner than the commencement of the trial session wherein she seeks to appear. And that session doesn’t begin until Monday.

So, not being recognized as counsel for Betty & Linc, Judge Gale tosses M’s motion to dismiss along with her Limited Entry of Appearance.

May I suggest that M, or Betty & Linc, go find some CPA or EA and have them electronically file a motion to dismiss? See the list of e-fileable documents by pro ses at p. 83 of the Petitioners’ Guide.  It seems that CPAs and EAs get their documents accepted in Tax Court faster than attorneys.

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