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If your exhibits are as voluminous as those in BATS Global Markets Holdings, Inc. and Subsidiaries, Docket No. 1068-17, filed 2/24/20, you may have to give the judge a courtesy copy in advance of trial.

Judge Kerrigan tells us how she wants them delivered.

“Electronic exhibit files must be submitted to the Court on USB media (e.g., thumb drive). All files must be provided on a single storage device. Please note: If a party needs to submit the electronic exhibits on a different media type, the party should submit a request to the Judge.” Order, at p.1.

And provide a spreadsheet listing any unstipulated exhibits. Number petitioner’s and respondent’s exhibits sequentially per Judge Kerrigan’s formatting directions.

“The USB media (e.g., thumb drive) submitted must be labeled with the following information: Docket Number, Case Name, and Party submitting the device (Respondent, Petitioner, or Joint).” Order, at p.1.

And describe any non-documentary exhibits, like videos.

There’s more, but be prepared for orders from other judges and STJs requiring courtesy copies of exhibits. And remember: thumbs up.


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