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Most Tax Court petitioners are self-represented. But even when a petitioner has an attorney, it may turn out that she doesn’t.

Here’s Estate of Anthony K. Washington, Deceased, Lenda Washington, Personal Representative, Docket No. 20410-19L, filed 1/24/20.

An earlier order directed that a properly executed petition be filed, but didn’t state why the petition theretofore filed was defective. Today Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley enlightens us, Lenda and Lenda’s counsel.

“…the petition had been submitted by counsel C but had reflected only his photocopied signature. Counsel therefore was not treated as having entered an appearance in this matter, and the petition was considered to be pro se. Therefore, in order for this Court to acquire jurisdiction to consider this case, it is necessary to obtain a Ratification of Petition bearing petitioner’s original signature and ratifying the petition previously filed.” Order, at p. 1. (Name omitted).

Neither Lenda nor C replied to the earlier order, and I can understand why.

So counsel, when your client comes tearing in at ten to five on Day Thirty with NOD in hand and panic on face, get out your quill pen and wet ink your signature on the blank form petition you print out from your desktop, stuff it in the preprinted and postpaid envelope, and hotfoot it to the post office.

And tell ‘em Lenda sent you.

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