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As I struggle through this year’s bout with the flu while visiting nearest and dearest in The Bayou City, it seems another condition, which I had long lamented, turns out to be contagious.

I regret to report that Ch J Maurice B. (“Mighty Mo”) Foley has contracted the letter-motion from ex-Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel. Here’s William A. Jacob & Rita V. Jacob, Docket No. 18269-19S, filed 1/2/20.

“Susan L. Crum filed a Letter on Behalf of William A. and Rita V. Jacob, and attached thereto a copy of a ‘No Change’ letter… issued to petitioners for [year at issue]. Since, by law, the Court cannot close a deficiency case over which it has jurisdiction without entering a decision as to the amount due, if any, we shall recharacterize the Letter as a Motion for Entry of Decision.” Order, at p. 1.

A quick docket search shows Bill & Rita are pro sese, and there’s no entry of appearance for any attorney or USTCP. It is just possible that Susan L. is an attorney awaiting Tax Court admission (although an internet search shows no attorney by that name). Possibly Susan L. is one of the few, the happy few, who passed the brutal admission exam and is awaiting admission. In the latter case, it’s strange that Susan L. hasn’t finished her paperwork, as the last time the test for non-attorneys was given was November, 2018. She’s had months to get the paperwork done and in.

And “CPA” is missing from Susan L.’s name.

Looks like the condition has mutated from “C.P.A. = USTCP” to “Anybody = USTCP.” And is still contagious.

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