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“No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the Legislature is in session.” Whether it was Benjamin Franklin, New York County Surrogate (that’s probate judge to you Kansans) Gideon J. Tucker, or Mark Twain who first said it, the sentiment is true.

But it wants updating.

On Friday I reported the Orders page on the Glasshouse website was substantially kaput to the extent of more than 200 orders, with broken links or no links. See my blogpost “208 Orders,” 11/8/19.

After having marched yesterday, while Tax Court was closed, I returned to my online muttons this morning. I found about 100 orders, and zero links. So, notwithstanding my reluctance to do a phoneathon with the webmeister or his delegate, I called Tax Court’s public number and got put through to the individual.

I told him I’m a journalist and need to search the orders. That obviated the usual half-hour search for my Tax Court attorney number. It also told him that, as I am a journo, I report this stuff.

The story I got is that a contractor is working on the website, to improve the search features. It seems the contractor’s ministrations may have had the unintended consequence of taking out the links. The webmeister told me that he would get with the contractors to get us re-linked. “A consummation devoutly to be wished.”

The update?

“No one’s life, liberty, property or website is safe while the contractors are at work.”

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