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I can’t stress it often enough: THIS IS A NON-POLITICAL BLOG.

But sometimes keeping it that way makes my head ache.

I’ve been accused of making sardonic comments in the past. I neither affirm nor deny, and can only tell my accusers that, if the cliché fits, you know what to do.

But today Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley has, I’m sure unintentionally, pushed my long-standing resolution nearer the breaking point than it has gone in many a day.

Here’s State of New Hampshire, Docket No. 18493-19, filed 10/21/19. Yes, that’s the one and only Granite State, one of the Original Thirteen Stars on the Oriflamme of Our Great Republic. I haven’t a clue why the sovereign State has paid the sixty bucks at the 400 Second Street, NW, turnstile.

Anyway, Ch J Mighty Mo, no doubt overtaxed with inept pro ses and counsel of imperfect knowledge, and with a certain want of attention on the part of the flailing datestampers and hard-laboring intake clerks who guard the aforementioned turnstile, issued an order that must now be withdrawn.

“On October 11, 2019, petitioner filed a petition in this case. Due to an inadvertent clerical error the Order dated on October 16, 2019, ordered petitioner to file an Ownership Disclosure Statement by December 2, 2019.” Order, at p. 1.

Today, said order is “vacated and set aside.”

Who owns New Hampshire?

I wish Ch J Mighty Mo left that order in place. I think more than a few of the Granite State’s citizens, and even citizens far afield, might be interested in the disclosure statement. Perhaps it might be well to extend the reach of the order, so that we might get Form 6 for our own Empire State. Let’s see what parent companies, publicly held corporations, large partnerships, and limited liability companies own 10% or more of our State.

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