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The tagline hereof fits K. Slaughter, 13256-14, filed 10/17/19, though Judge Wells refuses to vacate the opinion more particularly bounded and described in my blogpost “The Brand,” 6/4/19, to which the reader is respectfully referred.

K.’s trusty legal team wants Judge Wells to opine that K.’s brand promotion business, to which she allegedly devotes the majority of her time, is separate from her writing business. K. apparently tosses off murder mysteries featuring bloody corpses and Georgia Bureau of Investigation supersleuths in her spare time while promoting.

But it’s all one to Judge Wells.

“We find no unusual circumstance or substantial error in the opinion we issued in the instant case. Our holding is consistent with the fact that petitioner was engaged solely in the writing business. Ultimately, we agreed with respondent’s contention that petitioner’s brand formed part of her writing business. Petitioner presented a considerable amount of evidence regarding the value and role of branding in the publishing industry. Once we determined that branding was part of petitioner’s writing business, a separate allocation of the value of petitioner’s brand was moot. As we stated in our opinion, ‘an allocation [between amounts paid for writing and for branding] within petitioner’s contracts is beside the point if all elements are to be allocated to a trade or business,’ Slip. op. at 18. We do not agree with petitioner’s contention that our opinion holds that petitioner’s brand was a separate trade or business, nor did we intend to make such a conclusion.” Order, at p. 2.

Writing for dollars in the Twenty-First Century goes beyond sitting at the keyboard or the voice-recognition. As the radio hero of KXTN in Santone told us, ya gotta hit the bricks.

But maybe now-retired Judge Big Julie’s words about Jonny Ramirez’s separate activities might have been useful to K.’s high-priced team, even if those words came from a not-for-nuthin’ small-claimer. See my blogpost “Hit The Bricks,” 5/20/13.


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