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But Was He Doin’ Her Wrong?

I can’t tell how long ago Frankie’s and Johnny’s ill-fated love was first balladized into immortality. Even such experts as Leonard Feather, Carl Sandburg, John Jacob Niles and James J. Fuld differ. Nonetheless, the old story, “he was her man, but he was doin’ her wrong” echoes even from the august foyers of 400 Second Street, N. W., to the Loop of Chicago, as Judge Goeke will have to decide, in John E. Rogers & Frances L. Rogers, et al., Docket No. 1052-12 (no missprint, this one has been going on for seven years), filed 10/9/19.

Judge Goeke will hear argument two weeks from this Friday whether Frances L. (“Frankie”) Rogers can remove spouse John E. (“Johnny”) Rogers as her attorney. Two fresh attorneys have apparently filed Entry of Appearance for Frankie, but somebody objected, whether IRS or Johnny is nowhere stated. Oh, and Frankie wants a new trial.

Yes, it’s the Jetstream guys, an endless source of blogposts.  Cain’t hardly wait for the outcome of this one.

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