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I reiterate a firm offer I made to US Tax Court right after Tax Day on April 16 this year. See my blogpost “Admitted but not Recognized.

“There exist such things as law firms, with principals and associates all of whom are admitted to Tax Court. So there really needs to be a new form of Entry of Appearance, recognizing that law firms do exist, that various attorneys employed therein share files among themselves, and might occasionally ask a colleague to cover a routine matter while on trial or on vacation. Maybe we don’t need the covering attorney to file an Entry of Appearance for essentially a one-time appearance. Perhaps a one-size-fits-all law firm Entry of Appearance, listing all admittees in one place, might save time and paper (or electrons).”

But no.

Here’s Estate of James Dieffenwierth, Deceased, Vicki Dieffenwierth, Executrix, Docket No. 17268-19, filed 10/4/19. Same old, same old. Ms. Dowd, in the same firm as Mr. Brown (according to their website), used Mr. Brown’s e-access because the firm has none. And gets the old right-about-face.

Would it be beyond the technical capabilities of the Tax Court Techies to create a firm Entry of Appearance, which the managing clerk of the firm can update as personnel changes, with appropriate e-signatures for each attorney in the firm admitted to USTC?

If they can manage it, we wouldn’t have to play put-and-take every time the lead attorney wants to take a vacation, gets sick, goes on family leave, has a family crisis, or is actually engaged elsewhere on the date a motion is to be argued.

Other courts have managed to recognize the existence of law firms.

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