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It’s a rare article wherever sought for, but today we see common sense reappear in US Tax Court, in a designated hitter from Judge Gale.

Here’s Joseph Michael Balint, Docket No. 21452-16L, filed 10/2/19. Judge Gale is parsimonious with details, but I glean that Joe has a problem with a retirement plan distribution, which someone may have pinched unbeknownst to Joe.

I deduce that conclusion because Judge Gale, after checking out the stiped facts and settled issues, “…concludes that pretrial briefing addressing the impact of Roberts v. Commissioner, 141 T.C. 569 (2013), would aid the Court in analyzing the issues involved in this case.” Order, at p 1.

Now all y’all surely remember Andrew Wayne Roberts and his light-fingered ex Ms. Smith. No? Then scope out my blogpost “Common Sense?” 12/30/13, wherein ex-Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel penned this memorable sentence: ““Common sense dictates that the answer must be no, and our findings of fact and analysis support that answer.”

I guess Judge Gale wants a proper take-out on Andy Wayne’s situation as it relates to Joe’s, so he suggests Joe sit down with one of the local LITCs, who might enlighten him.

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