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I’ve expatiated on that Obliging Jurist Judge David Gustafson’s overflowing benevolence toward the feckless, hapless pro se often enough.

But today he’s run out of second chances to bestow upon Judith Lee Alston, Docket No. 10936-18L, filed 7/19/19.

For the backstory on Judith Lee, see my blogpost “Obliging? – He’ll Draft Your Motion For You,” 12/21/18, as updated today.

But none of the electronically-transmitted orders, throwing Judith Lee the ropes spun by Judge Gustafson, bounced from Judith Lee’s inbox. And to none was there any response.

“The Court’s records indicate that none of the filings in this case that were sent to Ms. Alston’s email address of record were rejected or undelivered. For all those reasons we will grant the Commissioner’s motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution….” Order, at p. 3.


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