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Today we have two more candidates for the “’ollow square” treatment.

First, to establish that it is unwise to try to stonewall IRS, especially when you have massively understated income, we have Shahram Kohan and Yonina Kohan, 2019 T. C. Memo. 85, filed 7/9/19. Judge Albert G (“Scholar Al”) Lauber is unimpressed by Shah’s less-than-candid testimony, especially after he tried stiff-arming the IRS examiner, dodging informal discovery, and ignoring court-ordered formal discovery. Shah (that’s Doctor Shah, dentist) finally hires counsel, and admits to underreporting better than $300K in each of two years. He never mentioned the cash and credit card payments he got, only the insurance reimbursements and a guess at the copays.

Scholar All pins five of the eight badges of fraud on Doctor Shah.

Second is STJ Panuthos expending 123 (count ‘em, 123) pages of prose on Martin A. Kapp, 2019 T. C. Memo. 84, filed 7/9/19. Martin is a CPA and EA, and his specialty was misinterpreting two Tax Court cases, thereby causing some thousands of mariners to claim deductions for meals provided by their employers, for which they were never charged. In short, claiming expenses, either for which they were reimbursed or never paid.

STJ Panuthos quotes at length from Martin’s websites, wherein he promised the jolly tars mighty refunds. Martin apparently was unaware that, while it pays to advertise, a short glance at 2 Samuel 1:20 would counsel a lower profile.

Although enjoined by USDCCDCA, affirmed by 9 Cir., at the close of play, Martin goes down for Section 6701 phony return chops for 5,176 (count ‘em, 5,176) returns over four years. That’s a three million dollar hit.

March off.

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