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I know I’ve been rough on Form 6, the Ownership Disclosure Statement. Mandated by Rule 20(c), the form is simplicity itself, but is either never filed at all, or filed incorrectly (left blank or unsigned), by the greatest number of affected entities.

More than once have I respectfully suggested modifying the form to instruct the self-represented (and perhaps even attorneys and USTCPs) to write “NONE” in the two places where the form requires that response.

Nothing has happened.

Now I certainly do not wish to disrespect Chief Clerk Servoss and the hard-laboring clerks and flailing datestampers, who labor from dawn to dusk with the bales of paper and coronas of electrons that flood 400 Second Street, NW, and the hapless and feckless self-representeds that fly to said premises like moths to a cliché.

But it seems that Form 6 has confounded even the Servoss company.

Here’s John Fitzgerald Kinnett & Dawn Ann Kinnett, Docket No. 25598-18, filed 4/5/19. JFK only wanted to file a Ratification of Petition, so is an innocent bystander.

But JFK’s efforts somehow befogged the clerks. As is often the case, unscrambling the frittata that ensued falls to Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley.

“…petitioner John Fitzgerald Kinnett submitted in the above-docketed matter a properly signed Ratification of Petition. However, due to inadvertent clerical error by the Court, such document was filed as an Ownership Disclosure Statement.” Order, at p. 1.

So Ch J Mighty Mo corrects the docket entry.

Maybe so it’s finally time to consider changing Form 6.

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