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Judge Patrick J. (“Scholar Pat”) Urda should have no trouble with the title of this blogpost, despite the puzzlement furnished by Zoomobile Alliances, Inc., Docket No. 10328-18, filed 3/11/19.

The Allies complain IRS is too slow furnishing them documents, but Judge Scholar Pat says it’s early times.

“Although we are sympathetic to petitioner’s frustration with the lack of a quick response from respondent, it is premature for this Court to intervene. We issued our notice setting this case for trial on February 7, 2019, and we gave the parties until early June to fulfill their obligations. There still is ample time left on the clock.” Order, at p.1.

But maybe the petitioner’s representative (this is a corporation, after all) has a time problem of his/her own.

“This case does present a wrinkle in that petitioner’s representative is apparently incarcerated. We are mindful that this status complicates the parties’ efforts to meaningfully fulfill their discovery obligations under our Rules (and the notice setting the case for trial). Given this situation, it would be helpful to understand more concretely how the parties propose to do so, as well as the current status of such discovery.” Order, at p. 2.

Tax Court routinely deals with petitioners doing time. But corporate representatives are something else.

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