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The old Engineers’ motto furnishes me a title for Tax Court subpoenas, in Jeremiah Francis Manning, Docket No. 22609-17, filed 2/15/19. This is another discovery geeks’ delight, as Jeremiah wants to depose a CPA and EA, to whom I’ll hereinafter refer to as Jason.

Jeremiah has laid five (count ‘em, five) documents on ex-Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton, alleging why he has to depose Jason. Jeremiah was on for trial but got continued. Jeremiah wanted to try this case in Our Fair City, but Jason apparently hangs out in San Jose, CA. Wherefore Jeremiah fears a Tax Court subpoena won’t avail him at trial, as Jason won’t show in The Apple. And ex-Ch J Iron Mike can’t make him, he says.


“Petitioner’s request is based on the false premise that [Jason] is beyond the subpoena power of this Court because he does not live or work within 100 miles of the place of trial in New York, New York. Section 7456(a)(1) provides for the subpoena of witnesses and necessary documents and other evidence by the Tax Court ‘from any place in the United States’ to appear or to be produced at any designated place of hearing. Thus, [Jason] may, in fact, be subpoenaed to attend the place of trial in New York, New York. Moreover, petitioner has not alleged, much less demonstrated, that there is a substantial risk that the proposed deponent will not be available at the trial of this case.” Order, at p. 4.

For you died-in-the-wool discovery geeks, ex-Ch J Iron Mike unpacks all of Jeremiah’s discovery requests, with “somber reasoning and copious citation of precedent,” at great length. And tosses them all.

It would really be better for pro ses to concentrate on assembling evidence, rather than chewing up hours on futile paperwork.

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