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You’d have to search thoroughly, but those among us who yearn again to hear the nasal but compelling tones of Edward R. Murrow piercing the fog and blackout can again hear “This…is London.”

Well, who better to take up the cudgels for The City on the Thames than Tom Sawyer Abroad, that intrepid DOJ attorney who is determined to protect, preserve and defend international law and comity in Jonathan Zuhovitzky & Esther Zuhovitzky, Docket No. 3489-16, filed 2/6/19?

You remember Tom? What, no? Well, peruse my blogpost “Tom Sawyer, Tax Attorney,” 6/22/18. Sam Clemens would be proud of Tom, carrying on the tradition of his 1905 sequel.

It seems Jon’s bad back has gotten a wee bit better, but he still can’t get to the Land of the Free. And Tom Sawyer, Tax Attorney, filed a DOJ Statement of Interest, which has made an international incident out of Jon’s and Esther’s Berlin TV debut before Judge Vasquez.

It seems German sovereignty and goodwill between nations is on the line.

“In the Justice Department’s Statement of Interest Mr. Sawyer sought reconsideration of the Court’s… Order granting petitioners’ motion to permit contemporaneous testimony from Berlin, Germany. Mr. Sawyer argued that allowing remote testimony from Germany would violate principles of international comity. He further argued that petitioners had several alternative means of presenting their trial testimony without violating German sovereignty. One of these options would require petitioners to travel to and testify remotely from a common law country such as the United Kingdom.” Order, at p. 1.

But what about Jon’s bad back?

Well, maybe so it isn’t all that bad.

“…petitioners filed a response to the Justice Department’s Statement of Interest. Therein petitioners asked the Court to modify the…Order to allow petitioners to testify via contemporaneous transmission from London.” Order, at p. 1.

Magnanimously, Tom dropped his objection on behalf of the 320 million of us US citizens and Angie Merkel’s millions. IRS will work with Jon & Esther to facilitate their TV show. And all hands agree they can do the TV segment without ruffling any UK feathers.

With hard Brexit vs soft Brexit, I doubt Terry May or anyone else is going to crumble their crumpets over this one.

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